When a transplanted organ gets rejected.

When a transplanted organ gets rejected.

Many People postpone the doctor visit to address knee pain. The patient signs up they can begin using several tools Medidex offers such as the prescription tracker, and find doctor features without connecting their medical records. If a patient wants to have constant access to their medical records they can connect Medidex to the existing electronic health record (EHR) system of their providers. We are compatible with most of the major existing EHR systems in the United States and can seamlessly upload yours in depth and complex medical history right to your phone or computer. If your provider’s EHR system doesn’t allow Medidex to connect to their system or your provider still uses paper records, we will go the extra mile to get your records into the Medidex platform at no cost to you.

Once your records are on the platform, that is where the fun begins! With your records in digital form, under your ownership, you can begin to use our many other tools such as virtual visits, connecting your prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy, and connecting your health monitoring devices (such as blood pressure machines, glucose monitors, and many more) to the platform and easily sharing this info with your providers.

Medidex can also be used as a powerful tool for providers such as nurses

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